Friday, March 15, 2013

layeredConnections - testing the new version of the WJ-S mixer

Preparing a playlist for the test session this weekend on the new version of the WJ-S mixer with Anne and James. How does it work? There are computers at the venue connected to screens and also connected to the internet. I make up a play list of url's. I log into the computer at the venue and control which url is displayed on the multiple screens remotely.  

 The bits I am putting together I call layeredConnections and it is based on the following ideas:

  •  This phrase 
networks of susceptible activity, opaque zones of nonknowledge
 which I am pulling out of context from Matthew Fuller's book Evil Media.

 Also some ideas that have surfaced and coalesced.
  • sometimes software logic felts together. 
  • sometimes entropy knits/knots physical wires together. 
  • sometimes meanings and intentions layer and weave into new meanings.
  • sometimes sound frequencies mat together in a thick layer of interference. 
  • sometimes lines hatch and cross creating the illusion of another dimension.

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