Tuesday, March 19, 2013

layeredConnections - this is what it looked like for me

The test of the remote WJ-S software system on 19 March 2013. Here is my desktop. You can see the mixer, the playlist and the skype video call and text chat.  The stream was also available but for the set I was worried about bandwith lags so I switched it off.

Anne was the human interface coordinating the starts and stops of sets. Software by James coordinated the tech side of the experience. I had no software glitches.

I experienced the narrowness of the bandwidth pipe intensely, the mediated blocky-ness, sound distortion, pops squeaks, the nervous feeling that if I am disconnected then the event is there, but connection only in my imagination, the interpolation by my one interpretation to skip over the technology burrs. At the same time the feeling of amazement that people from different physical locations can control pixels and speakers in a space in Paris.
Frame from Sakrowski's set.

Thanks to Anne and James. Thanks to Fletcher for music.

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