Wednesday, May 13, 2015

entangled_beat v1.1 - the dust has settled

Here are some installation and action photos. I dimmed the LEDs a bit so that it caused less after image but also so that it used less power. Our power usage allowed us to run through the night. The software ran with no hitches, hangups or crashes. This makes me very happy: a stable install. We did take the installation down for 2 days because of the wind. From a technical point of view the install went perfectly. From an interaction and engagement point of view I have a few mods I want to make. The sensor takes a long time to respond and does not work in the day time. Now for v1.2.

Monday, April 20, 2015

entangled_beat v1.0 - almost there

v1.0 of the arduino code ready to roll. Some sensor, screen and wiring bits left to do. Also some 3d printing and more testing. We have a central spot in Tankwa town to install the work: find us at 6ish.